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Most Life Insurance Is OVERPRICED,
undersized and a Hassle -
and it doesn’t have to be

…Here’s how to get rock bottom insurance prices on just the right kind
of protection quickly and easily

“Chris showed me how to buy twice the coverage for less money. Who can argue with that? I recommend his service.”

B. Krumpek, Oakville, ON

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Dear Term Insurance Buyer,

For more than 10 years, TermCanada.com has been helping busy Canadians review and buy their term life insurance. We wanted to know …

  • If they had the best price for their term insurance

  • If they were sure their policies would pay off as planned

  • If their life insurance broker was an expert in term life insurance and had a solid reputation working with people like them

  • If buying term life insurance was easy and hassle-free

Our research proves that your worst nightmare is probably true. Here’s what we found out:

  • You are likely overpaying for your Life insurance by as much as 300% but don’t know it.

  • Today’s strict enforcement of new insurance laws can mean your current policy won’t pay off anyway. It’s shocking but true that unless your agent followed the new rules to the letter, you could be paying for nothing… even overpaying for nothing. Your peace of mind could be a piece of toast.

  • Opportunities to buy quality life insurance from an expert are dwindling. You may be grossly unprotected because you haven’t talked to a professional.

  • You may be risking the security you want for your family if the unthinkable happened because your old policy may not cover all of today’s realities. Annual reviews of your coverage used to happen every year. Today, not so much.

  • “TV life insurance” and other “easy buy options” cost way more than necessary. When you buy TV offers, Association plans, bank insurance and even optional coverage through work, you almost always pay “through the nose” for it. What’s worse, the protection almost always ends before you do. Only the insurance company wins then – no surprise there.

  • Your old policies are likely “holding out” on you and your family. Today’s policies have a lot more bells and whistles than they used to. You could be overpaying for antique insurance.

  • Buying the right insurance at the right price is just too much of a hassle. So, many people like you are under protected, totally unaware of it, and not likely making the changes you need anytime soon.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

“With premiums for term life insurance at their lowest in years, you can get the right protection and a great value.”


is a secure, online network of professional insurance brokers who understand the realities of life and business today
. No one has a better grip on the market. No one has a better understanding of your insurance needs, and the policies available to meet these needs.

I’m Chris Funnell. I’m the founder and Executive Director of TermCanada.com. For more than 10 years, I’ve been committed to providing you with the very best term insurance rates available. You also get professional product recommendations that meet your specific needs and budget.

I started this business because I found that shopping for life insurance isn’t as easy as it seems at the beginning.

  • Researching all the competing products in the Canadian insurance marketplace is no mean feat.
  • Checking and comparing the rates of the best plans from the best companies, being sure to make “apples to apples” comparisons is no picnic either.
  • Assuming you can figure out the issues in your circumstances, buying the right plan from the right company is not like buying a briefcase on eBay.
  • Just completing all the financial and medical requirements, and following all the latest government regulations at the same time makes the professionals pay attention.
  • And, evaluating company offers takes expertise and experience that people just don’t have.

Simple? Yikes! I don’t think so.

For many people, the motivation for this Herculean effort is often price. Surely doing it yourself means saving a buck. Right? Wrong.

Many consumers mistakenly think that buying this way will cost them less.

It doesn’t. The price is the same either way.

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But if you try it on your own, you lose out on the very real benefits of an independent broker who provides unbiased, expert advice at no extra cost. Actually, we routinely find coverage cheaper than you could on your own!

Think of us as your complementary “Professional Buying Assistant”. If you’re like most people, you want someone to walk you through the process and to help you complete the application and medical and financial requirements. This way you do it in less time, save money and get a better result. Why would you bother doing all the “nitty-gritty” when you can have a pro do it for you, at no extra charge?

Buying insurance is not just filling out an insurance application form. For example many people:

  • Don’t consider the importance of matching their unique health, sports, travel, and family history with the right Insurance Company
  • Don’t know how to complete an application so it works for them, and not against them
  • Don’t know how to prepare for a medical exam to get the best results
  • Don’t understand the heavy impact Canadian Insurance Law has on the conditions of their coverage if they make a mistake

That’s where my associates and I come in. You avoid uncertainty and find the best plan at the best price for your situation. You actually get the insurance you want if it’s at all possible. It will pay off when the family needs it. You’ll know you had a pro on the job.

Plus, we carry two million dollars of professional liability insurance in case we make a mistake. Buy on your own and you don’t have that insurance protection.

So, you’re not just getting a quote. You get expert advice learned after thousands of cases, liability insurance for your protection, and a professional customized plan with just the right kind and amount of coverage. The price quoted is exactly the same whether you get our help or not. You’re paying for the advice anyway. Take advantage of it and get the best plan you can at the hottest price possible.

I’ll even call you if you want. Just one time mind you. One time only. You will only get one call unless you want more. You decide. I’ll simply ask a few questions so we can identify your best company and product fit. That will save you the most possible. You’ll get the best quote for the best insurance from the best company for you. There will be no pressure. You have my word.

“Chris’ approach was honest, hardworking and professional. For the same money I was paying before, Chris showed me how to double my coverage. I was shocked. I recommend anyone give him a call.”

D. Johnson, Burlington

Just complete the short form below. Instantly you will receive a comprehensive list of companies showing precisely which companies have your lowest rates. Then, you’ll get your one informational call. Additional calls are strictly up to you. Complete the form. The money and annoyance you can save is amazing. You’ll be glad you did.

Nobody does it better. Or makes it easier. Don’t just take my word for it…

“Term Canada’s Chris Funnell is a great listener. He was very patient with the number of questions I asked him. He knew what to ask to understand our big picture, and took time to educate us on various options. He also saved us a tremendous amount of money. Easy to get a hold of by email and by phone - Chris is truly a professional life insurance advisor”.

S. Komonen, Etobicoke


All you have to do is tell us what you want and a little about yourself and “presto”. Term Canada will instantly find 25+ quotes for you. Then, I’ll spring into action if you want.

Just complete the form on this page and get the same computer power professional insurance brokers use to compare the best rates in Canada.

There’s more. Our system is so good that we’ll help you make sure there is no nightmare just when you need it least. If you do want coverage through one of the companies here, it’s all easily done over the phone! Fast. Free. No Hassles.

“Prompt communication, timely follow-up, questions answered promptly and advice that made good sense are hallmarks of my dealings with Chris. I recommend Term Canada and Chris Funnell without reservation.”

D. Arnold, Kingston

There is simply no better way to save more and save smarter on term life insurance. And no better way to buy.

“As smokers, we liked the ‘Planning to Quit’ non-smokers rate Chris suggested. The rates were great – we saved hundreds of dollars every year!”

D. McAloney, Toronto


If we have you wondering… you can talk to us about your term life insurance policies right now and see if we make sense to you. Click here.

Or, complete the information on this page right now and start saving money today. Even better, you can be sure that the money you’re spending is getting the job done. Use us to check the work of your existing bank representative or agent.

“We switched because the deal was so good. We saved 40% from what we were paying before!”

T. Rudy, Toronto

You deserve to have a life insurance program that will take care of your needs. In fact, you’re counting on it. Count on TermCanada.com.

Thanks for clicking through to TermCanada.com.

Call me right now. You’ll be glad you did.


Chris Funnell
Chartered Life Underwriter
Executive Director
Toll-Free Tel # 1-866-824-2114


A tip on searching for insurance: The more complete your information, the better chance you’ll find the very best term insurance to fit your needs. The quicker we get the simple information we need on the form, the more quickly you’ll be able to sleep at night. Get it done now and relax!

PPS: Get your quote today and I’ll email you my special report “17 Ways to Save Money on Your Life Insurance”. It’s a $17 value but yours with my compliments just for getting a quote.



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